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Customer Testimonials

People just can’t get enough of ErgoJoy therapeutic insoles! Often times, stopping our sales people in the mall to rave about how much our insoles have helped them improve comfort and performance at their work and in their personal lives, here are testimonials sent in from our satisfied clients experiencing pain relief and comfort while using our innovative gel insoles.

“From the moment I put them on, I just felt a huge relief.. its just amazing what they can do for your life.“
Josh, Myrtle Beach SC

“I feel like I’m just so relaxed, I’m just bouncing. I feel like I’m walking on cloud 9.“
Marcia, Myrtle Beach SC

“As soon as I put them on, I was like ahhh thank you. They relieve the pain in your legs and even your back.“
Missy, Myrtle Beach SC

“I normally do not wear insoles, so when I was asked to put these in my shoes, oh my goodness! And I’m not kidding..I am like really, really impressed. I love it!“
Nancy, Myrtle Beach SC

“My feet are not in as much pain as they were before I put these on, so I feel good about them. I’ve tried them in 5 different pairs (of shoes) already, my sandals, and my hiking boots, and it’s all the same fluid movement.“
Steven, Myrtle Beach SC

Therapeutic Insoles

ErgoJoy offers liquid insoles for both standard shoes as well as sandals. ErgoJoy insoles help your body appear taller while improving your posture and balance. It can lead to improved coordination, stamina and metabolism all while helping you burn calories, improve circulation and strengthening muscles. Our insoles can help with arch pain, back pain, calluses & corns, club foot, diabetes, flat feet, heel spurs & heel pain, hot feed & cold feet, knee pain, metatarsalgia, Morton’s Neuroma, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis and poor circulation.

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